Teaching & Event Calendar

I will try to keep this page as up to date as possible. Please contact me if you can't find the information you need or you would like to book me for a demonstration or workshop.


Otter Farm
Gluten free three days (day 1 Every day, day 2 Celebration, day 3 Flavourful flours) or do individual days
6-8th Jan 2017
10-12th Feb 2017
31st April-2nd May 2017

Thrive - three days on gut health - or do individual days
3rd-5th Feb 2017

Ashburton Cookery School - Gluten Free Chef Module
26th May 2016
8th Dec 2016

Ashburton Cookery School - Patisserie three day
6th-8th June 2016
5-7th Dec 2016

Gluten Free Cookery at River Cottage in Devon
13th May 2015
18th June 2015
8th July 2015
10th Sept 2015
14th Oct 2015
4th Dec 2015
14th Jan 2016
5th Feb 2016
17th March 2016
14th April 2016

Advanced Gluten Free Cookery at River Cottage in Devon
14th May 2015
9th July 2015
11th Sept 2015
15th Oct 2015
15th Jan 2016
18th March 2016
15th April 2016

Seasonal Nutrition at River Cottage in Devon
23rd Jan 2016
4th Feb 2016
23rd May 2016
21st Oct 2016

South Downs School of Homeopathy
10th April 2016

South West Homeopaths
January 27th

Gluten Free days, Fermenting days and Gut Health days in Bridport
Dates TBC please contact me if you are interested. I also run bespoke days from home for 2-3 people where you can dictate your own  course.


2017 food festivals TBC